Services Offered

As someone who has always loved writing and reading I also understand that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for those things.  We’re all naturally inclined to excel at different tasks which is why I hire someone to do my taxes or bake a birthday cake for me (I seriously suck at baking!).  If you’ve ever thought how great it would be to get your life story captured in words so you can leave it as a legacy to your family or you need something you’ve written (a speech, article) edited, that’s what I LOVE to do!  I can write, edit, proofread or format something you’ve written into a polished piece you can be confident in sharing.

I charge by the hour or by the project for longer jobs and work quickly to get the finished product back to you.  Contact me today for a quote on whatever project you have in mind.

Below is an overview of the services I currently offer:

Transcribing, Editing & Publishing Services:    Do you have a writing project, article, or blog, that you desperately need some help with?  Maybe you’ve started writing your memoir or a collection of stories and want to publish them for your family and friends but don’t know where to begin?  I can get that done for you!  Whether you want a simple typewritten booklet or a beautifully bound book there are many options and prices to suit you. Nothing can give you greater satisfaction than seeing your words preserved in a professional-looking manner that you’ll be proud to share.


Ghostwriting:  Do you have a box of short stories or ideas for a book or article you’ve been wanting to write but never seem to get it finished?  Or, maybe, you’ve started your memoir but don’t know how to complete it?   Or someone has asked you to give a speech at a wedding or anniversary and you have no clue where to start?  I can write it for you and you’ll get all the credit for it!


FREE Memoir Writing course:  Telling your personal and family stories fills a need, not only for you and your family but for the world.  Your children and grandchildren will find connection, meaning, understanding, and direction from the story of your life.  It’s a gift no one can give but you.  However, YOU will also benefit in so many ways.  Exploring your memories – the good and the bad – is healing and cathartic and gives you fresh insights into why you are the way you are.   This guided course delivered weekly to your email inbox will get you started on finally writing your Memoir.

QUESTIONS??  Contact me.  I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.