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Personal development is a journey, not a “weekend trip”.  I believe that working on knowing, understanding and honoring yourself and your uniqueness is a life-long commitment and probablythe most important one you can make.  There is no “one-size fits all” or “The End” – at least as long as you’re breathing.  You’ll find yourself discovering things that you may wish to explore further while other things may not feel like they mesh with you and you’ll discard them and that’s perfectly fine.  This is YOUR journey and it will continue as long as you’re alive to experience it.

“The person in life that you will always be with the most, is yourself…. and it’s your responsibility to be that person you want to be with.” C. JoyBell C. 

If you’ve had it with feeling blah, depressed, overwhelmed and STUCK and are ready to do something….anything,  to pull yourself out of that PIT then you’ve already TAKEN THE FIRST STEP!  Congratulations!  But the hard work is just beginning.  It might not be fun all the time but I can promise it will make that little ember inside you start to come alive again and you’ll feel excited about what’s ahead.  You’ll FEEL again and that’s what being alive is all about.

Below is an overview of the Programs I currently offer:

tinyspark“A Tiny Spark” (Discovery Session) FREE

In this 1 hour meeting, by phone, email or Skype (or in-person if you live near me) I’ll give you an overview of just what you can expect if you decide to continue working with me.   You can ask me all of the questions you want.   An assessment form will be emailed you prior to our initial meeting from which YOU will decide where you want to begin. If you decide you like where we’re headed you can choose another package (below)


small flame“Small Flame” (1 hour/week for 4 weeks)   $380 + GST   According to your schedule, we’ll meet once a week (via phone, Skype or in person) for an hour to explore and work through exercises that will move you forward to finding out more about “what, where, why and how” as it pertains to you and your current situation and, more importantly, to a new place of understanding and joy.  Our time together will involve “homework” which will help you to unlock and release things you may not even realize were hidden. 


mightyflame“On Fire” (3 month program – 4 hrs per month)   $1,050 + GST*   When you COMMIT to change you need time for change to happen.  3 months will allow you to really dig deep and allow those changes to manifest.  These sessions build on one another and will give you a much better foundation and confidence to move forward.   **This package may be paid for in 3 equal payments of $360 + GST**


The-Importance-Of-Healthy-Eating-1“Let Food by Thy Medicine”  (Nutritional assessment and Meal Plan)  $250 + GST  Improving your nutrition is always a great place to begin improving your overall health because it creates a ripple effect on ALL aspects of your health, including your mental health.  When you FEEL better from the inside out it will show in your skin, your moods, your energy……honest.  If you’ve tried every diet and failed maybe it’s because you don’t understand enough about WHAT your body needs to be healthy; HOW nutrition works in your body.  Don’t feel bad – not many people do.  We assume our body can take anything we throw at it but nothing could be more wrong.  This assessment could be the key that changes your whole life.  It was for me!  This plan includes the initial assessment, a meal plan customized for you based on the results of the assessment and weekly follow-ups once a week for one month.  These follow-ups will usually be done by email but, if necessary, we may have a quick phone conversation. 


woman-hand-smartphone-deskFREE Memoir Writing course:  Telling your personal and family stories fills a need, not only for you and your family but for the world.  Your children and grandchildren will find connection, meaning, understanding and direction from the story of your life.  It’s a gift no one can give but you.  However, YOU will also benefit in so many ways.  Exploring your memories – the good and the bad – is healing and cathartic and gives you fresh insights into why you are the way you are.   This guided course delivered weekly to your email in-box will get you started on your Memoirs.  

Transcribing, Editing & Publishing Services:   If, after completing your memoirs, you decide to finish it off as a gift to your family or friends I can get that done for you!  Whether you want a simple typewritten booklet or a beautifully bound book there are many options and prices to suit you.  Nothing can give you greater satisfaction than seeing your story preserved in a professional-looking manner that you’ll be proud to share.   


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