My Book

“Today’s grandmothers are healthier, more youthful, more engaged, and living longer than ever before.  As women, they also naturally possess the feminine traits of nurturing, kindness, compassion, and acceptance – qualities that seem to be diminishing quickly in today’s society. 

This generation of Baby Boomers is the last to bridge the worlds before and after technology became mainstream and could well be the last who remembers when human connection was more important than being over-connected in a world inundated with social media and online relationships.

In “The Grand Embrace”, Mary-Lou has written a 21st-century guide for grandmothers so they can be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of their grandchildren through the unique and heart-centered relationship they have with them.  This incredible bond of mutual love, acceptance, respect, and gratitude, also give grandmothers the opportunity to live their own lives more authentically, with curiosity, joy, and enthusiasm.  To show children that life is meant to be embraced at every age is, possibly, the greatest gift we can leave them.” 

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