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This business of being a human can be complex can’t it?.  We have a tendency to make things harder than they have to be.  We yearn for happiness, like it’s a “thing”, and we’ll chase it and chase it until we’re actually…unhappy.  We focus on what we didn’t do or haven’t done or haven’t achieved when what we should be doing is focusing on the stuff we DID do and HAVE done or achieved.

Looking back on our past mistakes or failures is so counter-productive yet we tend to do that more than anything else.   And all that leads to is feeling depressed, unmotivated, bitter, and uninspired – about as far from being happy as we can get.

A simple example of how we talk ourselves into being unhappy is how we view Mondays:

“I spend my entire Sunday dreading Monday”

“I need a Monday-sized cup of coffee”

“Why is Monday so far from Friday?”.

EVERYONE, it seems, hates Mondays.  Weekends are great – no commitments, you can sleep in – and those two days feel like freedom from the hamster wheel but, it’s sort of peculiar that we’ve been conditioned to despise a DAY!  That’s bizarre. We’ve been trained, probably since we started school, to hate one 7th of our life!  Doesn’t that seem strange to you?

I guess it’s easier for me to think this way now that I’m nearing sixty and have a little more flexibility with my days (and, no, I’m not retired) but I honestly don’t ever remember hating Mondays.  Granted, there are days I prefer more than Mondays (Sundays hold a special place in my heart) but each new day has always held a feeling of anticipation for me.  Even as a younger person attending school, while there were obviously some things I dreaded (math, phys. ed), there were many more things I looked forward to….seeing my friends, the playground at recess and lunchtime, and starting new projects.  Maybe I’m more predisposed to be an optimist but I’ve always been thankful for the possibility in each new day.

We can’t change the fact that we have to go to work, or to school, or have commitments, and we certainly can’t change the days of the week.  But what we can change is how we approach them.  We have the ability to change the way we think; the way we talk to ourselves (and others); the attitudes we have about things.  One of the things that sets us apart from other species is we have the ability to CHOOSE and that includes choosing how we will show up each day.  Whether the day’s name is “Monday” or “Friday” has no bearing on the fact that it’s still OUR sand dribbling through that hourglass.  Those minutes and hours will pass regardless of how we feel about them but, I’m willing to bet, they’ll feel brighter and lighter if we are grateful for and make the best of every one of them.


Mary-Lou Rosengren

Copyright 2018

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