What We can Lose by being Grateful

We hear so much these days about GRATITUDE and how life is better when we’re grateful for all we have.                   Gratitude journals, memes, workshops and FB posts are everywhere.  It’s true.  Being grateful DOES help us see the glass as half full and gives us a […]

Who We Are……or Not

Six years ago I couldn’t believe that, at age 50, I was having an identity crisis. Maybe it was because I’d just turned the big 5-0 but, suddenly, I felt like a teenager who has to decide what they want to be when they graduate from high school.  What a strange/interesting/scary/exciting feeling.  I always assumed […]

Stress less, Enjoy more

Many times when I’m discussing Nutrition with people the first thing most of them want is to lose weight. I would say 80% of them have tried every diet there is, had some success and then gained all of their weight back again. How discouraging is that? After a while, they either give up altogether […]