If you want to get off the merry-go-round, you have to jump

Not sure how many of you are old enough to remember the song Stop the World and Let Me Off” by Waylon Jennings?  Well, I am and, lately, this song has been running through my head.

It’s getting a bit annoying, actually.

But I got to thinking maybe it’s a sign or something.  I mean, with the mess our world’s in right now I think most of us wish we could just stop and get off until things get straightened out.  (I pray it doesn’t take too long but I tend to be an optimist!)  Anyone else feeling the global anxiety like I am?

I know it’s impossible to actually “stop” the world but when our life is already sort of crazy and made even more so by social media, information overload and all the stuff that causes our days to become messy wouldn’t it feel good to press STOP?  Even if only for an hour or so?

Reminds me of one time when I was a kid.  I was on a merry-go-round (remember those?) with a bunch of other kids and some kid was pushing us….fast. Round and round. Faster and faster. I started to feel dizzy and sick and wanted him to stop but he wouldn’t. (He probably grew up to be a politician). I tried closing my eyes.  That made it worse.  I didn’t want to cry but sure felt like it. Finally, in desperation, I inched my way to the outer edge of the merry-go-round, took a deep breath, waited for my chance and…..jumped off.  I fell (of course) but at least I wasn’t going around in crazy circles at the whim of a playground tough guy.  I was back in control.

I wasn’t hurt – other than a skinned knee and elbow – but I sure was relieved.  The funny part was, as soon as I’d jumped, the kid pushing the merry-go-round was so shocked by my actions that he stopped.  As he stood there gawking at me (probably hoping to see blood – bully!) the rest of the kids took their opportunity to get off that wild ride and they scattered like drunken sailors, weaving and stumbling.  I’m not sure if my young mind grasped what I’d done by taking that leap but I realize it now.  By doing what needed to be done for ME, I’d stopped the cycle.  And, probably helped out a few others who were too afraid to jump.

Whether “jumping” means you need to turn off your phone, get off social media, stop that bad habit of late night snack binging or quit a job that’s sucking your soul out of you, remember, you’re the one in control.  YOU can change the outcome by taking that first step towards the edge of the unknown.

Jumping into what you’re not familiar with is hard.  It can be downright terrifying.  But, sometimes, if the alternative is worse for you (chronic stress, depression, overload, poor health) your decision to finally make that leap could be what saves you.

Stay or jump?

Only you have the power to make that decision.  To stop the cycle.  To maybe even help someone else to do the same.

Take a deep breath, don’t overthink it and…..jump!


Mary-Lou Rosengren

Copyright 2017

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Mary-Lou Rosengren is a writer and author, mother, wife, and proud grandmother who believes life is a gift and we should live it to our potential. It's not always pretty or fun or, even, fulfilling but it IS ours to make the most of.  Click HERE to find out more!

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